Xandra Pendergrass, Family Office Exchange Conference Speaker

August 1st, 2017

Xandra Pendergrass, Chief Operating Officer, was a featured speaker at the recently held 2017 FOX Financial Executives Forum hosted by the Family Office Exchange.

The conference is designed to share and discuss the latest developments in technology, insurance, taxes, security, and family office processes.

Having experience in large, multi-national financial organizations, Xandra brings her expertise in operations, internal controls and systems management to bear in the boutique environment of the multi-family office universe.

Xandra Pendergrass

Chief Operating Officer

Xandra Pendergrass is a Shareholder and Chief Operating Officer at Signature. As a member of the Executive Committee, she develops and measures firm strategy, policies, and procedures. She provides oversight and guidance to many departments to ensure the client experience is enhanced while finding efficiencies. Xandra also collaborates with the… Read More